Expand your community. 

Grow your career.

And it's free until 2023.


Here's some of what you get:

Personalized Help
You can call us for help with dental insurance issues & public programs. And we’ll also help you with compliance issues—whether it's the TSBDE, DEA, EPA, or DSHS. 

Continuing Education 
You get better deals on CE courses on the TDA Dental Concierge app, and the TDA Meeting where you and your team can get your CE. 

What members are saying:

Dr. Tanya Sue Maestas

El Paso | Member Since 2018

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Expand your community. 

Grow your career.

And it's free until 2023.

"My most-used member benefit of TDA is [...] professional connections and continuing education. Being able to connect with other dentists who serve as mentors allows me to have a widespread support network. Together with the continuing education that is available allows me to grow in my knowledge to become a better dentist."

Community & Connection 
No matter where you are in Texas, or in your career, we help you connect with colleagues to enhance your practice—and your life. 

Advocacy for You & Your Patients
 We help make laws that protect dentists and patients. Standing up for dentistry. And achieving wins together. 

Information Resources 
How do you know when regulations change? When new science emerges? When trends shift? Our updates and publications keep you in the loop.  

Dispute Resolution
Our Peer Review program helps mediate between dentists and patients, an alternative to litigation. 

"My favorite part of being a member is the camaraderie and mentorship I experience as part of this organization, especially during the pandemic." 

Dr. Akshay Thusu

San Antonio | Member Since 2010